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🏢 Deep Roots Harvest 📍 Mesquite, NV

💰 $12.50 an hour 🗓️ Full-time 🏷️ Cultivation 📛 No license required

About our company

Our people, our work ethic, and our desire to bring out the very best is what sets us apart at Deep Roots Harvest. From the farm, the kitchen and the lab, to our crew members who know exactly what you need. Everything we do is with the goal to be the very best. As a result we have the best customers, and we pledge our loyalty to your tastes and your time.

Job description

Following policies set forth by the Company, assist in the overall operation of the Dry, Trim, Cure, and Packaging Department through uniform, sanitary, and compliant manicuring of Deep Roots Harvest flower..

Essential Functions:

Support the operations of the DTCP Department by safe and efficient execution of operational strategies and processes.

Fulfill obligations to the satisfaction of supervisory staffs’ short and long-term performance goals.

Thorough communication of any obstacles which limit performance and any conditions observed that may affect the success of the department.

Maintain strict and accurate daily/monthly logs & reports for tracking purposes in order to remain compliant with state regulations and satisfy the Company’s reporting needs.

Communicate daily output including processed plant counts, trim weights, and produced waste totals.

Completion of daily directives & goals

The efficient and sanitary breakdown of cannabis plants in order to separate unusable waste from usable product

Ensure stems and fan leaves are added to waste weights for disposal and tracking by managers

Manicure dried cannabis flowers to satisfy department standards of appearance and overall quality

Must be able to adapt to varying strains, styles, and types of marijuana being trimmed

Adjust techniques to maintain a steady pace without sacrificing the quality of output

Exhibit ability to take constructive criticism from management to maintain quality standards and production goals

Demonstrate a clear comprehension of quality control guidelines, checkpoints, categories, and responsibilities.

Supply Storage & Organization

Assist in the sanitization, organization, and proper storage of all tools

Assist in the organization and sanitary storage of all input materials.

Ensure all machinery, DTCP Room & surrounding area is properly sanitized & tools are stored upon completion of daily tasks.

Assist in the execution, completion, and maintenance of all cleaning logs

Completion and review of all matters related to compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Fulfill assigned responsibilities in line with procedures set forth by all department Standard Operating Procedures and subsequent training.

Other duties as assigned

Job Specifications:

Operate under the guidelines provided by company policies and procedures.

Ability to understand and achieve department and company goals in a timely manner.

Ability to communicate clearly whether verbally or in writing

Thorough command of compliance software and job specific information technology.

Adherence to all industry standards set forth by Local, State, and Federal regulations.

Capacity to achieve daily directives and department goals.

Flexible work schedule required; to include covering a vacant shift and/or facility issues in emergency situations as needed.

Represent the company in a professional manner when communicating or interacting with all local community, state, or federal officials.

Observe and maintain all safety procedures and protocols

Additional Functions:

Ability to be flexible and work in various sectors of the department or company as needed and/or requested by their direct supervisor.

Ability to listen well and communicate effectively orally and in writing with various audiences.

Ability to use initiative and independent judgment appropriately.

Ability to apply appropriate public relations skills in various situations and circumstances and to facilitate change as needed.

The ability to work in a fast-paced, changing and challenging environment.

Must be proficient in Windows based software and point of sale applications.

Must have excellent communications skills and attention to detail.

Ability to interpret, understand, and comply with complex statutes, ordinances, regulations, standards, and laws.

Understanding of applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations as they pertain to the industry, personnel law, safety regulations, local municipal codes and organizational rules, regulations, directives and standard operating procedures.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, management, governmental agencies, community members and the general public.

Ability to use standard office equipment, computer equipment and software including word processing, database management, spreadsheet applications and electronic mail.

Additional Requirements:

Must be a minimum of 21 years of age

Must pass any and all required background checks

Must be and remain compliant with any and all legal or company regulations for working in the industry

Minimum Education and Experience:

High School Diploma or equivalent preferred

Previous manufacturing experience preferred

Equivalent combinations of education and experience may be considered, including internal experience.

Working Conditions:

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to perform grasping, walking, talking, hearing, seeing, standing, sitting, bending, twisting and repetitive motions.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Must be able to lift, carry and balance up to 40 pounds (100 pounds with assistance)

Must be able to tolerate dusty, strong smelling marijuana odors, any noise created by packaging machinery, and be able to tolerate exposure to the product.