Gummy Team Member

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🏢 Cloud Cannabis 📍 Warren, MI

💰 DOE 🗓️ Full-time 🏷️ Processing 📛 No license required

About our company

At Cloud Cannabis Co/The Brand Lab, we “live higher” by holding ourselves to a higher standard. We do things the right way, not the easy way. Our goal is to supply the most excellent cannabis products and experience to our customers, while also giving back to the community. Cloud is a place for everyone, discrimination does NOT have a home here. We are committed to making EVERYONE healthier & happier, no exceptions.

Job description

About This Role: As a part of the Production Team at Cloud Cannabis, you will be trained in three different areas in our production phase including: packaging/labeling, extraction and vape capping/filling. All three areas require great attention to detail while maintaining quality standards, minimizing loss, and meeting company production goals.

Must have comprehensive knowledge of gummy production from start to finish (scaling, cooking, depositing, curing, packaging)

Must have comprehensive knowledge of equipment usage and maintenance

Must be able to work in a timely and independent manner

Must be able to follow directions thoroughly and consistently

Must be aware and compliant with all safety and sanitation standards

Must be be able to execute daily logs accurately and consistently

Must be accountable for daily / weekly / monthly production goals

Must be maintain the cleanliness of all equipment and kitchen space at all times

Must be able to take accurate inventory of raw materials and finished product

Must be able to keep accurate accounting of all finished product on hand and track what stage of production it is in

Challenges You will Tackle:

Packaging/Labeling – our cannabis products are prepacked for our stores at the cultivation facility. Packaging includes weighing product, folding products, sealing in child-proof pop-top containers, and proper/compliant labeling all while maintaining as much speed as possible with 100% accuracy.

Packaging will also include rolling pre-rolls, packaging flower, concentrates and fill vape cartridges and assist with order fulfillment.

Accurately labeling packaging with the appropriate labels and inspecting final packaging box free from any tears, fractures and/or dents.

Extraction – Carry out all extraction, extract processing, product formulation, filling and manufacturing procedures in an efficient manner that also complies with regulations.

Vape Cappers/Fillers – gather all necessary hardware, equipment, and accessories for daily operations. Ensure proper installation of product capping and must be efficient at closing vape mouthpiece and careful not to damage the product. Inspect finished and/or unfinished products of any oil excess. Inspect quality and hardware control. Check for any stickiness on all cartridges after filled.

Safety and Compliance:

Following instructed procedures while maintaining compliance and safety. Any compliance or safety mistake or error created must be reported to the leadership of the department.

Maintain a clean work environment to ensure product quality free from any contamination.

Working Conditions:

Able to use a computer and/or hand tools while sitting or standing for extended periods of time.

Consistent on-time attendance for all scheduled shifts. Prepared for full 40-hour week working scheduled shifts with occasional overtime shifts to complete daily and weekly objectives.

Working in proper PPE at all times of scheduled shift.

Work Experience:

One year of work experience in a related industry or work environment (cannabis preferred)

Experience working in a fast-paced production environment preferred.

Demonstrates ability to consistently meet productivity and performance requirements.

Demonstrates high attention to detail.

An impeccable sense of following directions and completing repetitive tasks accurately

A passionate disposition towards cannabis and being a part of a bigger picture to help and care for people

Demonstrates professional and respectful demeanor towards others. Demonstrates respectful verbal and written communication capability.

The pillars of Cloud Culture that unify our team are:

1.) Be Accountable

2.) Hustle Harder

3.) Customer and Patient Obsessed

4.) Team Player

5.) Tolerance