Front Desk Receptionist

May 19, 2023🔗 👁️ 48 48 Views

🏢 Nobo 📍 Edwardsburg, MI

💰 $16 per hour 🗓️ Full-time 🏷️ Dispensary 📛 No license required

About our company

NOBO is a top-of-the-line recreational (adult-use) cannabis retailer trusted to provide the best customer experience in the cannabis industry. We are a retailer, an educator and on a mission to create a movement that encourages a more progressive understanding of the cannabis industry. Crafted in Michigan, our teams are equipped with an expert understanding of the cannabis space to provide consumers with the information they need to appreciate all the benefits of cannabis.

Job description

Position Objective:

Roles - Receptionists are the first point of contact for customers when they enter the facility. They greet customers, gather the required information, and grant them access to the showroom sales floor.


Required Skills/Abilities


● Must be 21 years of age or older.

● Minimum of 3 years of customer service experience.

● Minimum of 1-3 years of secretarial or receptionist experience...

● Must be able to pass a background check with no pending charges or convictions within the past 10 years for a controlled substance-related felony.

● Must not be registered as a primary caregiver or must withdraw registration as a registered primary caregiver prior to accepting an official Offer of Employment.

● Must be interested and passionate about cannabis


● Strong problem-solving, communication, and conflict resolution skills.

● Working knowledge of the cannabis industry and the associated federal, state, and local municipal laws and regulations.

● Strong counting, tracking, inventory management, cash handling, and customer service skills.

● Able to work in a fast-paced, friendly environment.

● Strong communication and interpersonal skills as well as the ability to work with a diverse team.

● Must possess a strong work ethic and be a team player.

● Qualified applicants have an aptitude for comprehending compliance and the ability to adhere to a regulatory framework by adhering to internal standard procedures as directed.

● Must follow all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures in accordance with the company's mission, vision, goals, and objective.

Duties and Expectations:

● Stay current and adhere to all relevant federal, LARA, CRA, and municipal regulations.

● Encourage and maintain an environment of high integrity to optimize product quality, efficiency and compliance.

● Implement customer service and customer education best practices and standard procedures as communicated by the Lead Budtenders.

● Responsible for provisioning center support; including but not limited to customer service, customer check-in, sanitation, and facility maintenance.

● Must maintain a culture of professionalism at all times.

● Monitor customer retention while striving to maximize facility resources. Communicate customer issues to the Lead Budtenders.

● Assist the Lead Budtenders in identifying strategies to maximize available resources.

● Implement safe and compliant sanitation measures as directed by the Lead Budtenders.

● Maintain a working knowledge of LARA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA,) Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) regulations.

● Operate, clean, sanitize, and store equipment in a safe and effective manner as dictated by company policies and procedures.

● Must maintain a clean and organized work environment at all times.

● Implement facility sanitation standards as directed by the Lead Budtenders.

● Maintain relevant facility records according to federal, state, and local regulations as directed by the Lead Budtenders.

● Foster a positive and communicative work environment.

● Complete and sign required checklists for opening/closing shift duties including sanitation and facility upkeep.

● Communicate resource needs to the General Manager, Assistant General Manager, and Lead Budtenders as needed.

● Assist the Lead Budtender in managing supply levels.

● Take actions that are consistent with the company’s overall strategy and values.

● Must adhere to the Company’s stated Equality and Diversity and Drug-Free Workplace policies.

● Follow the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures in accordance with the company's mission, vision, goals, and objective.

● All other duties as assigned.

Job Type: Full-time or Part-time

Pay: $16 per hour


Paid time off Health, Dental, Life, and Short-Term Disability Insurance (Full-Time Employees Only)


Supplemental Pay:



Cash Handling, Inventory, Retail Experience

Shift availability: