Extraction Technician

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🏢 Sisu Extracts 📍 Eureka, CA

💰 DOE 🗓️ Full-time 🏷️ Processing 📛 No license required

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Extraction technicians are responsible for creating high quality, unrefined oleoresin ‘crude’. Technicians will train on and perform extraction operations using the CUP30 Ethanol Extraction System (and accompanying equipment), solvent recovery operations using the Bizzy-Bee Falling Film Evaporator, and micro-extractions using our Micro-extraction system. Operators maintain the highest standards of efficiency, safety, cleanliness and accountability at all times. Proactive, can-do attitudes are our standard and we work very hard to maintain a positive, transparent and mutually supportive environment. The position is a physical one, involving standing on one's feet for long periods of time, the ability to lift 50lbs and climb a ladder.

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